About Us
Tourism Bureau "Dedoplistour" was established with the financial support of the European Union.
Mission: Introducing to travelers Kiziki - a region in south-eastern Georgia.
Now, against the background of current events in the world, Georgia remains one of the most protected countries. There were no cases of the coronavirus in Dedoplistskaro.

We, a team of professionals from the Tourist Bureau, are working on planning and implementing individual and group tours of different types and lengths for you in Kakheti and Kiziki.

We love our district, our corner, Dedoplistskaro- town of Friendship-where together with Georgians in a friendly way live and preserve their culture people other different nationalities, and we want you to share the best memories of it.
Our services are designed for different types of travelers, especially for families and middle-aged or older people who are looking for new impressions and a comfortable quiet environment.
If you and your family live in a big, noisy city with the hectic pace of modern life, but want to relax in a quiet environment, fresh air and enjoy real rural products, we are ready to help you plan your trip, which includes:

  • Transfer from Tbilisi (or Kutaisi) to Dedoplistskaro and back;
  • Organizing a night owl;
  • Organizing and carrying out food, leisure, and excursions;
  • Offering souvenirs reflecting the unforgettable impressions of your trip;
  • Information services.

5 reasons why you should visit Dedoplistskaro municipality:
Just 135-140 kilometers from the capital of Georgia, at any time of the year, you will be able to get in a unique environment.

In any season here - in the town of friendship - you can arrange an interesting cultural, wine, culinary (gastronomic) or adventure tour.

Far from the big and noisy cities, Dedoplistskaro municipality always will meet you with fresh air, healthy local products, wine, typical Kizikian hospitality, and friendly people.

You will be able to travel in the footsteps of Pirosmani- famous Georgian artist - and imagine yourself in another era.

You can meet at the sunrise  at the far east point of Georgia and listen to the "Bird Orchestra".

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